Qatar Airways new private jet, the G700

Qatar Airways’ new private jet, the G700, provides a premium flying experience.

The Qatari airline has purchased ten of these planes to round up its normal fleet. Long-haul flights are possible with the G700, which has new Rolls-Royce engines. In 2022, the first will take place.

When you walk into the Qatar Airways hangar in Doha, your mouth is open at the sight before you. The Gulf-stream G700, the world’s largest new private jet, is impossible not to be amazed by its size and elegance. The Qatari airline has purchased a total of ten of these planes to round up its normal fleet. Traveling business class on any of its planes is an adventure in and of itself, but flying on one of its private jets is a whole new level. The Qatar Executive division provides a level of luxury that is only available to a select few.

The G700 is housed in Doha’s Hamad International Airport, which welcomes you to explore its many luxury fashion stores as well as lose yourself in one of the VIP passenger lounges, where you may relax, eat in one of the airport’s restaurants, or have a massage. Rather than focusing on its architecture, the design focuses on providing a premium experience. There’s a pool, a gym, squash courts, a spa, and even a hotel there. It’s worth going on a sightseeing tour just to see it.

Now that the G700 has been contextualized, it’s time to look inside its stunning interior. “It has the industry’s most spacious, creative, and adaptable cockpit. It also includes the award-winning Symmetry fligh and the new high-thrust Rolls-Royce engines [with 100 percent sustainable unblended aviation fuel] “Captain Husam Khalil, Qatar Executive Vice President, describes the situation. It is, without a doubt, a cutting-edge aircraft.

The cockpit, galley (with marble countertop), crew lounge, main lounge with comfy leather couches, and bathroom are all located near the back of the ship. “It has the biggest number of oval panoramic windows in business aviation, with 20. With 100 percent fresh air, a low cabin altitude, and very low sound levels, the environment assures comfort during the journey and considerably lowers the physical effect of flying halfway around the world without stowing your luggage “”Povers,” he observes.

Long-haul flights are possible with the G700. The innovative jet is built for such travels, with a maximum range of 7,500 nautical miles (13,890 kilometers). It can fly nonstop from Doha to New York in little over 12 hours and from Doha to Seoul in just over 8 hours.

Two pilots and a flight attendant are on board to help passengers at all times. In addition, the G700 has a novel lighting system that mimics circadian rhythms and helps passengers sleep on long-haul flights, making the voyage as pleasant as possible. “It changes color automatically during the trip, simulating the 24-hour daily cycle,” Khalil explains, “and it manages brightness and darkness in the cabin, which helps alleviate jet lag.”

How was your flight experience? Although the G700 won’t be available until 2022, the experience will be comparable to that of the G650. The flight attendant goes out of her way to make everyone feel comfortable. The champagne goes nicely with the table-side appetizers, and the main meals and dessert are presented buffet style so that everyone can assist themselves. The elegance on board is further demonstrated through Baccarat glasses and Christofle cutlery. Qatar Executive provides its customers with the option of booking corporate travel. Up to 19 passengers can fly at once, with 10 of them sleeping.

Article By Gerluxe