1st Start of RC Jet Engine Ends Badly

Jet Engine Ends Badly

We start up a few JetCat turbines and have a Failure on the first engine almost right away, looks like the starter clutch fail to disengage and the starter oversped and broke apart.

I then take the JetCat turbine apart and the starter to see what went wrong, then we start up 2 more turbines after that.

This is about 14 minutes of non-stop jet engine action hope you enjoy.
I figured I would do some videos with these little jet engines since almost everyone enjoys these little jet engines and my friend wanted to bring them over and mount them to my stand to test them.

Personally I love hearing these engines and seeing these engines run.
I just can’t get enough of seeing jet engines run there’s something about it, so hopefully you enjoyed this video let me know if you want some more

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