Fight Breaks Out Onboard Dramatic Syrian Air B747SP Flight

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Back in March 2008, I flew on Syrian Air B747SP-94 YK-AHB “Arab Solidarity” from Dubai to Aleppo. It was amazing to fly the B747-SP on this short flight, but it was full of drama and chaos.

The flight suffered a 12-hour marathon delay in Dubai Airport, due to a broken part. Syrian Air flew in their own mechanic to do the repairs. After boarding, a fight broke out between the Captain and a frustrated passenger. During half way our destination was also changed, from Damascus to Aleppo! Thanks to our lengthy delay we were too late to land at Damascus Airport, as it had been closed for the Arab Summit.

I was rather glad to have visited Aleppo city in 2008 before the war broke out later in Syria. It is great to see Aleppo Airport having been re-opened last year and welcoming traffic again. The Syrian Air B747-SP was sent for maintenance in Saudi Arabia, but has not returned to service since the civil war broke out in Syria.

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