Airbus Jets transformed its A220 airplane into an artistic private jet

With the help of a graffiti artist, Airbus has transformed its A220 airplane into a private jet.

Cyril Kongo’s special edition ACJ TwoTwenty cabin was designed in collaboration with Airbus Corporate Jets and world-renowned contemporary artist Cyril Kongo, commonly known as Mr Colorful.

Cyril Kongo possesses a strong pioneering attitude that perfectly compliments the ACJ team’s original mindset, transforming the extra-large plane into a flying gallery of contemporary art, providing a unique experience never seen before.

The entire cabin has been designed by ACJ to provide comfort, connectivity, and usefulness in a single place, while Cyril Kongo’s touch elevates cabin design to new heights.

The main salon, in particular, blends carefully selected branded textures and fabrics designed to excite opulent comfort, spaciousness, and luxury as if it were a private art gallery, and will be hand-painted in part by Cyril Kongo.

The special edition cabin has been thoughtfully designed to allow guests to get a good night’s sleep or enjoy great dining with close friends and family while observing all of life’s colors.

The ACJ TwoTwenty’s huge fuselage, which is at least twice as wide as other executive aircraft, was fully utilized by Cyril Kongo and the ACJ design team, allowing for the insertion of a spaciously built table that can accommodate eight guests. The first 15 aircraft will be completed with Comllux as the sole partner.

With 73 m2 of floor space, the ACJ TwoTwenty will be the only business aircraft with six huge VIP living quarters for up to 19 passengers, providing unrivaled personal space. The ACJ TwoTwenty will have an intercontinental range of up to 10,500 kilometers (almost 12 hours of flight time) and will be priced just below the super long-range business jet (ULR).

Maximum comfort, intercontinental range, incomparable economics, and cutting-edge technology are all features of the ACJ TwoTwenty.

The ACJ TwoTwenty was introduced towards the end of 2020, and six aircraft have already been ordered. The ACJ TwoTwenty will be delivered to Comlux initially this winter, with the first aircraft entering service in early 2023.

Article by Gerluxe image: ACJ